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Our Services

We can help you to


Incorporation & Administration

We provide comprehensive incorporation and administration services in Mauritius, ensuring your business is legally established and efficiently managed within the local regulatory framework.


HR & Payroll Management 

Our HR & Payroll services streamline employee management processes, from recruitment and onboarding to payroll processing and compliance, ensuring your workforce is effectively supported.


Marketing & Communications

We offer strategic marketing and communications solutions to enhance your brand visibility, engage your target audience, and drive business growth through effective promotional campaigns.


Finance &

Our finance and accounting services provide accurate financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis to help you make informed decisions and maintain financial health and compliance.

How we work

Clarity Advisory Group Ltd. was established in 2024 in Mauritius. Our experienced advisors are dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complexities of administration, HR, marketing, finance, and accounting.

Our comprehensive advisory services are designed to streamline your operations, allowing you to focus more on your core business activities and strategic growth.

Ongoing Advisory Services

We offer continuous support and strategic guidance to help businesses navigate complex challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

Project-Based Consulting

Our project-based consulting engagements deliver targeted solutions and measurable results within defined timeframes to address your specific business needs.

Interim Management

We provide experienced interim managers to lead and stabilize your organization during periods of transition or change.

Training and Development

We deliver comprehensive training and development programs designed to enhance your team’s skills, knowledge, and overall performance.


By outsourcing critical functions to us, you can focus on your core business while benefiting from our specialized expertise and efficient processes.

Customized Solutions

We develop tailored solutions that address your unique business challenges and drive optimal performance and growth.

Incorporating a company in Mauritius

Why doing business in Mauritius is a smart investment

Registering a Company in Mauritius is an excellent opportunity to incorporate a low cost, tax-efficient entity to conduct international business. Mauritius offers a business environment that is highly conducive to investment and business growth.